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Securely store and retrieve your usernames and passwords, directly from the commandline.

Semi-secure, but by no means robust enough for production usage
Troy Hunt would be disgusted.

>kp -?

kp -- a command-line key-username-password store integrated with the clipboard.
inspired by:


kp hotmail
saves the the username, '' under the key, 'hotmail'
prompts you for the password
kp hotmail
show the username ('') for the key 'hotmail'
and copy the password to the clipboard
lists all keys
kp -r hotmail
will remove the key ‘hotmail’ (and its username/password) from your store
You can also pipe a username in, e.g.

echo | kp hotmail
will prompt you for a password and then store username '' and password under the key 'hotmail'
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